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NO NEW CHARACTERS WILL BE CREATED until we can resolve a current problem with the MOO's email system. Until that time, you may connect as a guest. This page will indicate when that problem has been solved. Thank you for your patience.

If you wish to visit the MOO and explore VRoma's virtual world on an occasional basis, log in as a guest by following the instructions on the Login page. Use this form to apply for a more permanent character if you wish to participate in the project more extensively. Fill out the form completely, and you will receive a personal character and password shortly; however, if you do not log into VRoma within a few weeks or so, your character will be automatically recycled, though you can always submit the login form again.

If you are a teacher who would like to bring students into VRoma, we have a new “teacher” character, a special category of user with many administrative powers enabling you to create characters for your students, set up your own virtual office and classroom, etc. (see Guide for Teachers in the VRoma Learning Environment. To request a teacher login, do not use this form; instead email Suzanne Bonefas explaining who you are and how you would like to use VRoma with your students.

VRoma is continually being developed, and we welcome volunteers who would like to lend their services. We particularly need people who have some expertise in Roman topography and people who have some MOO programming knowledge. Potential community members should also be interested in ancient Roman history and culture.

IMPORTANT NOTE: VRoma is a scholarly community of teachers and students who share an interest in the ancient Roman world. It is NOT anonymous. Unless you enter below your real name (first and last name), a working email address, and other required information, you will not receive a VRoma login. This information will not be accessible outside of the MOO.

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Project Co-Directors: Barbara F. McManus (The College of New Rochelle) and Suzanne Bonefas (Rhodes College)
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