Building in VRoma: Plan for the XIV Regions of Rome

Each region is linked to a map of the 14 regions in Rome. The names of sites already built are shown in color, with the character name and real name of the builder following.

I. Porta Capena (map)

II. Caelimontium (map)

III. Isis et Serapis (map)

IV. Templum Pacis (map)

V. Esquiliae (map)

VI. Alta Semita (map)

VII. Via Lata (map)

VIII. Forum Romanum (map)

IX. Circus Flaminius (map)

X. Palatium (map)

XI. Circus Maximus (map)

XII. Piscina Publica (map)

XIII. Aventinus (map)

XIV. Trans Tiberim (map)

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