Building in VRoma: Building Plan for the XIV Regions

NOTES: These are linked from the map of the 14 regions.
Sites in red have already been built or are spoken for; the name of the builder appears in square brackets next to the name of the site. If you want to build one of the sites in black, please see the information about applying for a building permit.

I. Porta Capena

  • Meta Sudans [architectae, comprising Tatiana Tsakiropoulou-Summers (Octavia), Barbara McManus (Scintilla), Ann Raia (Chloe)]
  • Via Appia [Joan Jahnige (Terentia)]

II. Caelimontium

  • Temple of the Deified Claudius [Marianthe Colakis (Vipsania)]

III. Isis et Serapis

  • Baths of Titus--Possible
  • Baths of Trajan [Tatiana Tsakiropoulou-Summers (Octavia)]
  • Colosseum (Amphitheatrum Flavium) [architectae, comprising Tatiana Tsakiropoulou-Summers (Octavia), Barbara McManus (Scintilla), Ann Raia (Chloe)]
  • Ludus Magnus [architectae, comprising Tatiana Tsakiropoulou-Summers (Octavia), Barbara McManus (Scintilla), Ann Raia (Chloe)]
  • Portico of Livia (Porticus Liviae) [Barbara McManus (Scintilla)]
  • Urban Prefect's offices (Praefectura Urbana)--Possible

IV. Templum Pacis

  • Forum of Vespasian and Temple of Peace--Definite
  • Forum Transitorium (also called Forum of Nerva)--Definite
  • Sacra Via [Margaret Phillips (Sempronia)]
  • Subura district--This has been started by Barbara McManus (Scintilla) but can include many different types of buildings by different builders
  • Temple of Juno Lucina--Possible
  • Temple of Venus and Rome [Barbette Spaeth (Pamphile)]

V. Esquiliae

  • Aqueducts and Fountains (especially the Aqua Iulia, Aqua Marcia, Aqua Tepula, and the nymphaeum with the trophies of Domitian, sometimes called the Lacus Orphei)--Definite
  • Gardens (especially the Horti Maecenatis)--Probable
  • Market of Livia (Macellum Liviae)--Definite

VI. Alta Semita

  • Gardens of Sallust (Horti Sallustiani)--Possible
  • Praetorian Camp (Castra Praetoria) [David Conti (Maecenas)]
  • 3 Temples of Fortuna (Fortunae Tres)--Possible
  • Temple of Quirinus--Possible
  • Temple of Venus Erycina--Probable

VII. Via Lata

  • Field of Agrippa (Campus Agrippae) with Portico of Vipsania (Porticus Vipsania) [Donald Jacques (Philadelphus)]
  • Arcus Claudii [Donald Jacques (Philadelphus)]
  • Gardens of Lucullus (Horti Lucullani)--Probable

VIII. Forum Romanum

  • Capitoline Hill
    • Ara Gentis Iuliae [Melanie Grunow (Melania)]
    • Auguraculumj --Definite
    • Tabularium --Definite
    • Tarpeian Rock --Definite
    • Temple of Capitoline Jupiter (Juppiter Optimus Maximus, Juno, and Minerva_ [Carl Rubino (Flaccus); Barbara McManus (Scintilla)]
    • Temple of Juno Moneta --Definite
  • Roman Forum
    • Argiletum [David Conti (Maecenas)]
    • Basilica Aemilia [David Conti (Maecenas)]
    • Basilica Iulia [Diane Harris Cline (Diana)]
    • Central Forum [Jim Ruebel (Roscius)]
    • Prison (Carcer) [Jim Ruebel (Roscius)]
    • Regia [David Conti (Maecenas)]
    • Residence of the Vestal Virgins (Atrium Vestae) [David Conti (Maecenas)]
    • Rostra [Jim Ruebel (Roscius)]
    • Sacra Via Infima [David Conti (Maecenas)]
    • Sacra Via Summa [David Conti (Maecenas)]
    • Senate House (Curia Iulia) [Leslie Noles (Agrippina)]
    • Spring of Juturna (Lacus Iuturnae)
    • Temple of Castor[Jim Ruebel (Roscius)]
    • Temple of Concord [Barbette Spaeth (Pamphile)]
    • Temple of the Deified Julius Caesar [Jim Ruebel (Roscius)]
    • Temple of Faustina (later of Antoninus and Faustina)
    • Temple of Janus
    • Temple of Saturn [Jim Ruebel (Roscius)]
    • Temple of Vespasian (Barbara McManus (Scintilla)
    • Temple of Vesta (Aedes Vestae) [Barbette Spaeth (Pamphile)]
  • Forum of Augustus (including Temple of Mars Ultor) [Jeremy Walker (Ambulator); Barbara McManus (Scintilla)]
  • Forum of Julius Caesar (including Temple of Venus Genetrix) [David Conti (Maecenas)]
  • Forum of Trajan (including Basilica Ulpia, Column of Trajan, Market of Trajan) --Definite

IX. Circus Flaminius

  • Field of Mars (Campus Martius)
    • Altar of Augustan Peace (Ara Pacis Augustae) --Definite
    • Baths of Agrippa [Trevor Fear (Caractacus)]
    • Baths of Nero [Cinday Benton (max)]
    • Mausoleum and Ustrinum of Augustus [Joan Jahnige (Terentia)]
    • Odeum of Domitian--Possible
    • Pantheon--Definite
    • Portico of Minucius (Porticus Minucia Frumentaria)--Possible
    • Saepta Iulia [Tatiana Tsakiropoulou-Summers (Octavia)]
    • Stables of the 4 Racing Factions--Possible
    • Stadium of Domitian [Leslie Noles (Agrippina)]
    • Temple of the Deified Hadrian--Probable
    • Temples of Isis and Serapis [John Gruber-Miller (Zadar)]
    • Theater and Crypt of Balbus [Ann Raia (Chloe)]
    • Theater and Portico of Pompey [Ann Raia (Chloe)]
  • Portico of Octavia (Porticus Octaviae) [Alison Barker (Baucis)]
  • Theater of Marcellus [Ann Raia (Chloe)]
  • Vegetable Market (Forum Holitorium)--Possible

X. Palatium

  • Area Palatina [Bill Magrath (Hermes2000)]
  • Imperial Residence (Domus Augustana, as built by Domitian and restored by Hadrian) [Bill Magrath (Hermes2000)]
  • Palace of Tiberius (Domus Tiberiana) [Bill Magrath (Hermes2000)]
  • Temple of Apollo [Bill Magrath (Hermes2000)]
  • Temple and Library of the Deified Augustus (Templum Novum)--Probable

XI. Circus Maximus

  • Cattle Market (Forum Boarium, including Temples of Fortuna and Mater Matuta, Hercules, Portunus)--begun by Barbara McManus (Scintilla)
  • Circus Maximus [Barbara McManus (Scintilla)]
  • Temple of Ceres, Liber and Libera [Barbette Spaeth (Pamphile)]
  • Commercial district (Velabrum)--Possible

XII. Piscina Publica

  • Temple of the Bona Dea--Definite

XIII. Aventinus

  • Granaries (especially Horrea Galbae) [Barbara McManus (Scintilla)]
  • Portico of Aemilius (Porticus Aemilia) [Barbara McManus (Scintilla)]
  • Quay (Emporium) [Henry Walker (Fullo)]
  • Mons Testaceus--Possible
  • Pyramid of Cestius--Possible

XIV. Trans Tiberim

  • Mausoleum of Hadrian--Probable
  • Tiber Island (Insula Tiberina) with its associated bridges (Pons Cestius, Pons Fabricius) [Stephen Clark (Palinurus)]
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