Building in VRoma: Getting a Building Permit

After you have decided what you would like to build, the next step is getting a permit.




You may want to visit VRoma first, to get some feel for what pre-existing buildings “look like.”

If you want to help build Rome or to build an office or other non-historic building, contact the praefectus urbi, Barbara McManus ( She will set up the necessary permissions and send you instructions about where (in the MOO) you will begin building.

When you apply for your permit, please supply the following information:

  1. Your name and e-mail address (of course!)
  2. The name of your building. If it is an historic building, please provide the regio in which it is located.
  3. A name for the first “room” of your building. (This can be changed later, but it is probably a good idea to do enough preliminary research to be able to name this room before you apply for your permit.)
  4. (Optional) If you already know this, it would also be helpful for us to know the approximate number of rooms and exits your building has, so we can be sure to provide you with the appropriate amount of building quota.

Scintilla will get you started by creating your first room, though without any description or other enhancements. The ownership of this room will be changed over to you, so that you will be able to complete it and build the rest of your building from this starting point.

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