Portico of the Senate House

coin showing Curia

This coin, issued to commemorate the dedication in 29 BCE of the Curia Julia, a new Senate House begun by Julius Caesar but completed by Augustus, depicts the Portico, a colonnaded porch in front of the building where the Senate convened. Augustus crowned the pediment of this building with a statue of Victoria standing on a globe, celebrating Rome's widespread military conquests but also his own victory at Actium (note the anchor and rudder held by the figures at each end of the pediment).

There is evidence of another portico on the side of the building which leads to the Forum Julium. One or both of these porticos may have been called the Chalcidicum (or the Atrium of Minerva). This plan will help you get your bearings as you explore this site.

You see a special garment folded on a bench. Click on toga praetexta to find out more about it.

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