Forum Boarium

Forum Boarium model

You enter an irregularly shaped open area dotted with ancient temples and filled with people hurrying to various parts of the city, since the Forum Boarium is a thoroughfare between several different regions. Its name comes from its original function as a Cattle Market, still evident in the famous bronze statue of a bull, popularly attributed to the Greek sculptor Myron, which serves as its trademark and symbol.

There are a number of striking temples in this area, especially associated with the harbor (Portunus) or with Hercules, who rid this area of the monster Cacus in legendary times (identification of major monuments). According to Vergil's Aeneid, here is the place that Aeneas landed, coming upon Evander and his people celebrating annual rites in honor of Hercules.

Tristia To follow Tristia Tresunus to his ninth stop, take the Region 9 South (Pons Fabricius) exit; to make your way to his final destination, take the Vicus Jugarius exit.

You see: