Baths of Nero

quid Nerone peius? quid thermis melius Neronianis?, Martial 7.34 ("what is worse than Nero? what is better than Nero's baths?")

Welcome to the Baths of Nero, the first to combine expansive athletic facilities within an opulent bathing complex designed for your physical and intellectual pleasures. See a model of these baths from the back at ground level, from the front, and above from the side, including the great porticoed pool of Agrippa (Stagnum Agrippae).

Here, you may take a swim in the natatio, relax in the tepidarium (beware, it's haunted by the ghost of Nero), exercise in one of the two spacious palastrae, or enjoy the bracing waters of the frigidiarium. Many other pleasures await you, so enter the Apodyterium and prepare yourself to enjoy one of Rome's finest baths!