Region 11 (Vicus Piscinae Publicae)

map of Region XI

Forum Boarium Forum Romanum Porta Capena Porta Trigemina Temple of Ceres, Liber, Libera Circus Maximus

You enter Region XI at the end of the Vicus Piscinae Publicae. There is much to see in this region of Rome, including the Circus Maximus, site of the exciting chariot races and premier sports center of the city, and some old and venerated temples where you can learn a great deal about Roman religious practices. These are the major sites to visit in this region (sites in red will be built soon). Click on the map "hotspots" to jump to these locations or use the exits below to explore the region on foot. If you get lost while exploring, you can always return to this map by using the Quick Jump bookmarks.

  1. Circus Maximus
  2. Temple of Ceres, Liber, and Libera
  3. Forum Boarium ("Cattle Market")
  4. Temple of Portunus
  5. Temple of Hercules Victor
  6. Temples of Mater Matuta and Fortuna
  7. Velabrum (commercial district)