Baths of Trajan

model of Trajan's Baths

Welcome to the Baths of Trajan (or thermae Traianae). This enormous and luxurious establishment was graciously built by the emperor Trajan in 109 CE for the Roman public. We are glad that visiting the Baths is part of your daily routine. We hope that the facilities of this establishment will be to your satisfaction. Please now step to Apodyterium A to prepare yourself for a couple of hours of fun and relaxation.

virtual baths plan

This diagram displays the layout of the virtual Baths of Trajan in VRoma; to help you explore this site, a version of this image with your current position highlighted in red will be only a click away in any of the rooms of the site. This layout is a simplified version of the architectural plan of the historical Baths of Trajan; see also this reconstruction drawing.