Portico of Octavia

drawing of Portico of Octavia

You see before you a monumental gateway, the main entrance to the Portico, in the middle of the southwest side. Two rows of four Corinthian columns in gleaming white marble support an entablature and a triangular pediment. Between the columns you glimpse within the Portico the impressive facades of two temples, with their altars in front of them. On the left is the Temple of Juno Regina, now more than three hundred years old, and to the right the slightly more recent Temple of Jupiter Stator. For more images and information about the Portico of Octavia, click on the following:

Tristia To reach Tristia Tresunus's ninth stop, take the Peristyle exit; to retrace your steps toward his final destination, take the Region 9 South(Pons Fabricius) exit.