Ovid in Sulmona

Ovid - Tristia 4.2

Imagination in Exile

Haec ego summotus, qua possum, mente videbo.

Annotated student text (macrons, notes, vocabulary, etc.)

Clean Latin text

PowerPoints (in PDF format): Introduction to the Poem; Roman Triumph; Elegy

PBS video about Ovid and the age of Augustus (Order from Chaos, 2001)

Full episode (segments on Ovid's exile run at 35:30 and 46:50); Transcript

Historical fiction about the exile of Ovid (David Wishart, Ovid)

An interview with Ovid about his exile (from the NLE's Forum Romanum series)

Teutoburg Forest (the disaster that just precedes the composition of the Tristia)

Scansion review (dactylic hexameter and pentameter)

A non-literal English translation of Tristia 4.2

University of Georgia - 2012 Summer Classics Institute Project

Completed by Mr. Ryan Sellers, Memphis University School

Teacher edition available by request.