Visit the City of Rome!

Visit Hadrianic Buildings and Monuments in Rome

Visit Buildings and Monuments of Hadrian in the VRoma MOO anonymously. Simply click on a link and you will be transported to ancient Rome. To navigate, click on the exit names at the bottom of the screen to move around in VRoma. You will not be able to chat with others nor use the clickable maps.

Explore the City of Rome via VRoma's Web Gateway

Explore the city of Rome fully through the VRoma MOO: chat with others, manipulate objects, and activate robots. Use the location information above to help you find the Hadrianic buildings you would like to visit.

Enter VRoma's Web Gateway. Log-on as guest, leave password blank, and click Log In.

To find out what sites are available in VRoma, check out Let's Go VRoma!

If you are a first-time visitor to the VRoma MOO,
please see the VRoma Help File Library