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Sacra Via
Temple of Venus and Rome


Sacra Via

Directions:  Roma,  Reg IV (to Sacra Via).  Shortcut: @go Sacra Via

Resources: One bot, called Molestus, on the Sacra Via, an allusion to the molestus (bore) Horace tells of meeting on the Sacra Via in Sat. 1.9, with a link to the text. Many images of locations along the Sacra Via, images of Lares, images of the Arch of Titus, including the menorah captured from Jerusalem in 70 C.E. and a modern Hebrew graffito (now erased), "am Yisroel chai", the people of Israel live!  This, with a reference to Horace's exegi monumentum aere perennius (Od. 3.3), can be a lesson in the durability of higher values rather than military or architectural splendor.  Also, a link to Leo Curran's shots of the Arch. Image of a bust of Emperor Titus (although looking suspiciously like Vespasian).


Insula (tenement)

Directions: Roma, RegIV (to Sacra Via), northeast (to Clivus Orbius), north (to Vicus Cuprius), northeast (to Subura), doorway (to Insula (tenement) Shortcut @go insula (tenement)


Uses: This site can be used to introduce students to the living conditions of the poorer classes in Rome. It is specifically connected to chapter 19 of the Oxford Latin Course; see the sample assignment in the Course Materials Repository.