The Early Republic: Fifth Century
509-400 BCE

Major events in Roman History
Political and Military
 Literary and Artistic
 List of Consuls
Violation of Lucretia
 Expulsion of Tarquin
  First Consuls
 Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus
 War with Etruscans
 Temple of Saturn (Forum)
   War with Latins      
 Lake Regillus
 Foedus Cassianum
Temple of Mercury (Circus Maximus) 
 Creation of Tribunus Plebis ?
 First Plebeian Secession
 Temple of Ceres, Liber, Libera (Circus Maximus)
  Temple of Castor (Forum)
466 Temple of Dius Fidius
The Twelve Tables
Temple of Apollo (near Theater of Marcellus)