Catullus Fragments
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  Fragment 1.

at non effugies meos iambos 1 But you shall not escape my iambics.

Fragment 2.

Hunc lucum tibi dedico consecroque, Priape, 1 This inclosure I dedicate and consecrate to thee, O Priapus,
qua domus tua Lampsaci est quaque <silva> Priape. 2 at Lampsacus, where is thy house and sacred grove, O Priapus.
nam te praecipue in suis urbibus colit ora 3 For thee specially in its cities the Hellespontian coast worships,
Hellespontia, ceteris ostriosior oris. 4 more abundant in oysters than all other coasts.


de meo ligurrire libido est 1 It is my fancy to taste on my own account.