Gaius Julius Caesar    (the Social Set of Catullus)
Friend of Catullus' father.

Governor of Cisalpine Gaul from 59-49 B.C. Headquarters in Verona. Spent the winters there during the Gallic Wars. This is probably how Catullus came in contact with Mamurra, Caesar's engineer in Gaul.

Gallic Wars (59-49 B.C) and expeditions to Britain (55-54 B.C.) mentioned by Catullus in Poem 29.

Caesar was a political ally of Pompey's at this time, and Catullus denounced both of them (Poem 29), as did his friend Calvus.

In Poem 11 Catullus refers to the Caesar' campaigns in Gaul and Britain ("the memorials of great Caesar"), but his praise is doubtless ironic.

When he addresses Caesar as "imperator unice (you one and only general)" in Poem 29 and Poem 54, he is again being sarcastic.

(From the image collection of Barbara MacManus at VRoma)
Catullus condemns Caesar for encouraging men like Mamurra:
Poem 29QVIS hoc potest uidere, quis potest pati
Poem 54OTHONIS caput oppido est pusillum
Poem 57PVLCRE conuenit improbis cinaedis
Catullus cares nothing for Caesar:
Poem 93NIL nimium studeo, Caesar, tibi uelle placere