Catullus Poem 115
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MENTVLA habet instar triginta iugera prati, 1 Mr. Penis has something like thirty acres of grazing land,
quadraginta arui: cetera sunt maria.
forty of plough-land: the rest is salt water.
cur non diuitiis Croesum superare potis sit, 3 How can he fail to surpass Croesus in wealth,
uno qui in saltu tot bona possideat,
who occupies so many good things in one estate,
prata arua ingentes siluas saltusque paludesque 5 pasture, arable, vast woods and cattle-ranges and lakes
usque ad Hyperboreos et mare ad Oceanum?
as far as the Hyperboreans and the Great Sea?
omnia magna haec sunt, tamen ipsest maximus ultro, 7 All this is wonderful - but he himself is the greatest wonder of all,
non homo, sed uero mentula magna minax.
not a man like the rest of us, but a monstrous menacing penis.