Catullus Poem 114
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FIRMANVS saltu non falso Mentula diues 1 Mr. Penis is truly said to be rich in the possession of the grant of land at Firmum,
fertur, qui tot res in se habet egregias,
which has so many fine things in it,
aucupium omne genus, piscis, prata, arua ferasque. 3 fowling of all sorts, fish, pasture, cornland, and game.
nequiquam: fructus sumptibus exsuperat.
All to no purpose; he outruns the produce of it by his expenses.
quare concedo sit diues, dum omnia desint. 5 So I grant that he is rich, if you will allow that he lacks everything.
saltum laudemus, dum modo ipse egeat.
Let us admire the advantages of his estate, so long as he himself is in want.