Catullus Poem 110
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AVFILENA, bonae semper laudantur amicae: 1 AUFILENA, kind mistresses are always well spoken of;
accipiunt pretium, quae facere instituunt.
they get their price for what they purpose to do.
tu, quod promisti, mihi quod mentita inimica es, 3 You are no true mistress, for you promised and now you break faith;
quod nec das et fers saepe, facis facinus.
you take and do not give, and that is a scurvy trick.
aut facere ingenuae est, aut non promisse pudicae, 5 To comply were handsome, not to promise were to be chaste;
Aufillena, fuit: sed data corripere
but to take all you can get
fraudando officiis, plus quam meretricis auarae 7 and cheat one of his due shows a woman more greedy than a harlot
quae sese toto corpore prostituit.
who prostitutes herself and her entire body.