Catullus Poem 108
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SI, Comini, populi arbitrio tua cana senectus 1 IF, Cominius, your gray old age, soiled as it is by an impure life,
spurcata impuris moribus intereat,
should be brought to an end by the choice of the people,
non equidem dubito quin primum inimica bonorum 3 I for my part do not doubt that first of all your tongue, the enemy of all good people,
lingua exsecta auido sit data uulturio,
would be cut out and quickly given to the greedy vulture,
effossos oculos uoret atro gutture coruus, 5 your eyes torn out and swallowed down the raven's black throat,
intestina canes, cetera membra lupi
while the dogs would devour your bowels, the rest of your members the wolves.