Catullus Poem 107
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SI quicquam cupido optantique optigit umquam 1 IF anything ever happened to any one who eagerly longed
insperanti, hoc est gratum animo proprie.
and never hoped, that is a true pleasure to the mind.
quare hoc est gratum nobis quoque carius auro 3 And so to me too this is a pleasure more precious than gold,
quod te restituis, Lesbia, mi cupido.
that you, Lesbia, restore yourself to me who longed for you,
restituis cupido atque insperanti, ipsa refers te 5 restore to me who longed, but never hoped, yes, you yourself give yourself back
nobis. o lucem candidiore nota!
to me. O happy day, blessed with the whiter mark!
quis me uno uiuit felicior aut magis hac est 7 What living wight is more lucky than I; or who can say
optandus uita dicere quis poterit?
that any fortune in life is more desirable than this ?