Catullus Poem 100
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CAELIVS Aufillenum et Quintius Aufillenam 1 CAELIUS is mad for Aufilenus and Quintius for Aufilena,
flos Veronensum depereunt iuuenum,
both the fine flower of Veronese youth,
hic fratrem, ille sororem. hoc est, quod dicitur, illud 3 one for the brother, one for the sister.
fraternum uere dulce sodalicium.
Here's the sweet brotherhood of the proverb!
cui faueam potius? Caeli, tibi: nam tua nobis 5 Which shall I vote for? You, Caelius; your friendship to me
perspecta ex igni est unica amicitia,
was excellently shown -- it was unique!
cum uesana meas torreret flamma medullas. 7 when a mad flame scorched my vitals.
sis felix, Caeli, sis in amore potens.
Luck to you, Caelius! success to your loves!