Catullus Poem 97
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NON (ita me di ament) quicquam referre putaui, 1 I SWEAR by the gods I didn't think it mattered one straw
utrumne os an culum olfacerem Aemilio.
whether I sniffed Aemilius's head or his anus:
nilo mundius hoc, nihiloque immundius illud, 3 neither was better or worse than the other;
uerum etiam culus mundior et melior:
or rather his anus was the better and smarter of the two,
nam sine dentibus est. hic dentis sesquipedalis, 5 for it has no teeth. His mouth has teeth half a yard long,
gingiuas uero ploxeni habet ueteris,
gums, moreover, like an old cart-frame,
praeterea rictum qualem diffissus in aestu 7 with the kind of gape you'd find in summer
meientis mulae cunnus habere solet.
on a mule's vagina as she urinates.
hic futuit multas et se facit esse uenustum, 9 He has sex with many a woman and makes himself out a charmer,
et non pistrino traditur atque asino?
and yet he is not passed over to the grinding-mill and its ass.
quem siqua attingit, non illam posse putemus 11 If any woman touches him, don't we think that she is capable
aegroti culum lingere carnificis?
of licking the anus of a sick hangman?