Catullus Poem 95
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ZMYRNA mei Cinnae nonam post denique messem 1 My friend Cinna’s Smyrna, published at last nine harvest-tides
quam coepta est nonamque edita post hiemem,
and nine winters after it was begun
milia cum interea quingenta Hortensius uno 3 whilst Hortensius [has brought out] five hundred thousand
[ . . . ]
[verses] in one [year].
Zmyrna cauas Satrachi penitus mittetur ad undas, 5 Smyrna will travel as far away as the deep-channelled streams of Satrachus,
Zmyrnam cana diu saecula peruoluent.
the centuries will grow grey in long perusal of Smyrna.
at Volusi annales Paduam morientur ad ipsam 7 But the Annals of Volusius will die by the river Padua where they were born,
et laxas scombris saepe dabunt tunicas
and will often furnish a loose wrapper for mackerels.
parva mei mihi sint cordi monumenta sodalis, 9 Let the modest memorials of my friend be dear to me,
at populus tumido gaudeat Antimacho
and let the vulgar rejoice in their windy Antimachus.