Catullus Poem 91
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NON ideo, Gelli, sperabam te mihi fidum 1 I HOPED, Gellius, that you would be true to me
in misero hoc nostro, hoc perdito amore fore,
in this miserable, this ruinous love of mine,
quod te cognossem bene constantemue putarem 3 not on the ground that I knew you, or thought that you were truly honourable
aut posse a turpi mentem inhibere probro;
or could restrain your mind from baseness or villainy,
sed neque quod matrem nec germanam esse uidebam 5 but because I saw that she, whose mighty love was consuming me,
hanc tibi, cuius me magnus edebat amor.
was neither mother nor sister of yours.
et quamuis tecum multo coniungerer usu, 7 And although I was connected with you by much familiar friendship,
non satis id causae credideram esse tibi.
I had not thought that that was reason enough for you.
tu satis id duxti: tantum tibi gaudium in omni 9 You thought it enough: so much delight do you take in any
culpa est, in quacumque est aliquid sceleris.
vice in which there is something of dishonour.