Catullus Poem 89
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GELLIVS est tenuis: quid ni? cui tam bona mater 1 GELLIUS is thin, and well he may be; with a mother so kind
tamque ualens uiuat tamque uenusta soror
and so lusty and lively, and a sister so charming,
tamque bonus patruus tamque omnia plena puellis 3 and so kind an uncle, and so many girls of his acquaintance all over the place,
cognatis, quare is desinat esse macer?
why should he cease to be lean?
qui ut nihil attingat, nisi quod fas tangere non est, 5 Even if he touch nothing but what none may touch,
quantumuis quare sit macer inuenies.
you will find any number of reasons why he should be lean.