Catullus Poem 88
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QVID facit is, Gelli, qui cum matre atque sorore 1 WHAT is he doing, Gellius, who tingles with mother and sister,
prurit, et abiectis peruigilat tunicis?
And keeps vigil tunics all thrown off ?
quid facit is, patruum qui non sinit esse maritum? 3 What is he doing, who will not let his uncle be a husband?
ecquid scis quantum suscipiat sceleris?
Do you know how much guilt he incurs?
suscipit, o Gelli, quantum non ultima Tethys 5 More he incurs, O Gellius, than furthest Tethys
nec genitor Nympharum abluit Oceanus:
can wash away, or Ocean, father of the nymphs:
nam nihil est quicquam sceleris, quo prodeat ultra, 7 for there is no guilt whatever beyond for him to attain to,
non si demisso se ipse uoret capite.
not even if he bent down his head and swallowed himself.