Catullus Poem 86
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QVINTIA formosa est multis. mihi candida, longa, 1 QUINTIA is thought beautiful by many; I think her fair, tall,
recta est: haec ego sic singula confiteor.
and straight. I so far allow each of these points,
totum illud formosa nego: nam nulla uenustas, 3 but I demur to " beautiful," for she has no grace;
nulla in tam magno est corpore mica salis.
there is not in the whole compass of her tall person one grain of salt.
Lesbia formosa est, quae cum pulcerrima tota est, 5 Lesbia is beautiful: for she possesses all the beauties,
tum omnibus una omnis surripuit Veneres
and has stolen all the graces from all the women alone for herself.