Catullus Poem 84
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CHOMMODA dicebat, si quando commoda uellet 1 ARRIUS, if he wanted to say "winnings " used to say "whinnings",
dicere, et insidias Arrius hinsidias,
and for "ambush" "hambush";
et tum mirifice sperabat se esse locutum, 3 and thought he had spoken marvellous well,
cum quantum poterat dixerat hinsidias.
whenever he said "hambush" with as much emphasis as possible.
credo, sic mater, sic liber auunculus eius. 5 So, no doubt, his mother had said, so his uncle the freedman,
sic maternus auus dixerat atque auia.
so his grandfather and grandmother on the mother's side.
hoc misso in Syriam requierant omnibus aures 7 When he was sent into Syria, all our ears had a holiday;
audibant eadem haec leniter et leuiter,
they heard the same syllables pronounced quietly and lightly,
nec sibi postilla metuebant talia uerba, 9 and had no fear of such words for the future:
cum subito affertur nuntius horribilis,
when on a sudden a dreadful message arrives,
Ionios fluctus, postquam illuc Arrius isset, 11 that the Ionian waves, ever since Arrius went there,
iam non Ionios esse sed Hionios
are henceforth not "Ionian," but "Hionian."