Catullus Poem 83
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LESBIA mi praesente uiro mala plurima dicit: 1 LESBIA says many hard things to me in the presence of her husband,
haec illi fatuo maxima laetitia est.
a great joy to the fool.
mule, nihil sentis? si nostri oblita taceret, 3 Dull mule, you understand nothing. If she forgot me and were silent,
sana esset: nunc quod gannit et obloquitur,
she would be heart-whole. But as it is, her snarling and railing means this:
non solum meminit, sed, quae multo acrior est res, 5 she not only remembers, but -- a much more serious thing --
irata est. hoc est, uritur et loquitur
she is angry; that is, she burns, and so she talks.