Catullus Poem 80
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QVID dicam, Gelli, quare rosea ista labella 1 WHAT reason can I give, Gellius, why those ruddy lips
hiberna fiant candidiora niue,
become whiter than snow
mane domo cum exis et cum te octaua quiete 3 when you rise in the morning or the eighth hour awakes you
e molli longo suscitat hora die?
from your soft siesta in the long hours of the day?
nescio quid certe est: an uere fama susurrat 5 Something there is assuredly: is the gossip true
grandia te medii tenta uorare uiri?
that you swallow the big erections of a man?
sic certe est: clamant Victoris rupta miselli 7 So it is assuredly: poor Victor's ruptured thighs proclaim it,
ilia, et emulso labra notata sero.
and your lips marked by the liquid you have milked.