Catullus Poem 78
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GALLVS habet fratres, quorum est lepidissima coniunx 1 GALLUS has two brothers; one has a most charming wife,
alterius, lepidus filius alterius.
the other a charming boy.
Gallus homo est bellus: nam dulces iungit amores, 3 Gallus is a gallant: he helps love's course,
cum puero ut bello bella puella cubet.
and brings the gallant lad to go to bed with the gallant lass.
Gallus homo est stultus, nec se uidet esse maritum, 5 Gallus is a fool, and does not see that he has a wife of his own,
qui patruus patrui monstret adulterium.
when he teaches a nephew how to seduce an uncle's wife.