Catullus Poem 77
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RVFE mihi frustra ac nequiquam credite amice 1 RUFUS, whom I, your friend, trusted in vain, and to no purpose
(frustra? immo magno cum pretio atque malo),
(in vain? nay, rather at a great and ruinous price)
sicine subrepsti mi, atque intestina perurens 3 have you stolen into my heart and burning into my vitals
ei misero eripuisti omnia nostra bona?
torn away, alas, all my blessings?
eripuisti, heu heu nostrae crudele uenenum 5 Torn away, alas, alas! you the cruel poison of my life,
uitae, heu heu nostrae pestis amicitiae.
alas, alas! you the deadly bane of my friendship.