Catullus Poem 73
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DESINE de quoquam quicquam bene uelle mereri 1 LEAVE off wishing to deserve any thanks from any one,
aut aliquem fieri posse putare pium.
or thinking that any one can ever become grateful.
omnia sunt ingrata, nihil fecisse benigne 3 All this wins no thanks; to have acted kindly is nothing,
immo etiam taedet, taedet obestque magis;
rather it is wearisome, wearisome and harmful;
ut mihi, quem nemo grauius nec acerbius urget, 5 so is it now with me, who am vexed and troubled by no one so bitterly
quam modo qui me unum atque unicum amicum habuit.
as by him who but now held me for his one and only friend.