Catullus Poem 72
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DICEBAS quondam solum te nosse Catullum, 1 You used once to say that Catullus was your only friend,
Lesbia, nec prae me uelle tenere Iouem.
Lesbia, and that you would not prefer Jupiter himself to me.
dilexi tum te non tantum ut uulgus amicam, 3 I loved you then, not only as the common sort love a mistress,
sed pater ut gnatos diligit et generos.
but as a father loves his sons and sons-in-law.
nunc te cognoui: quare etsi impensius uror, 5 Now I know you; and therefore, though I burn more ardently,
multo mi tamen es uilior et leuior.
yet you are in my sight much less worthy and lighter.
qui potis est, inquis? quod amantem iniuria talis 7 How can that be? you say. Because such an injury as this drives a lover
cogit amare magis, sed bene uelle minus.
to be more of a lover, but less of a friend.