Catullus Poem 65
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ETSI me assiduo confectum cura dolore 1 THOUGH I am worn out with constant grief,
seuocat a doctis, Hortale, uirginibus,
Hortalus, and sorrow calls me away, apart from the learned Maids,
nec potis est dulcis Musarum expromere fetus 3 nor can the thoughts of my heart utter the sweet births of the Muses,
mens animi, tantis fluctuat ipsa malis--
tossed as it is with such waves of trouble;
namque mei nuper Lethaeo in gurgite fratris 5 so lately the creeping wave of the Lethaean flood
Pallidulum manans alluit unda pedem,
has lapped my own brother's death-pale foot,
Troia Rhoeteo quem subter litore tellus 7 on whom, torn away from our sight,
ereptum nostris obterit ex oculis.
under the shore of Rboeteum the soil of Troy lies heavy.
alloquar, audiero numquam tua facta loquentem, 9 Never shall I speak to thee, never hear thee tell of thy life;
numquam ego te, uita frater amabilior,
never shall I see thee again, brother more beloved than life.
aspiciam posthac? at certe semper amabo, 11 But surely I shall always love thee,
semper maesta tua carmina morte canam,
always sing strains of mourning for thy death,
qualia sub densis ramorum concinit umbris 13 as under the thick shadows of the boughs sings
Daulias, absumpti fata gemens Ityli--
the Daulian bird bewailing the fate of Itylus lost.
sed tamen in tantis maeroribus, Ortale, mitto 15 Yet, in such sorrows, Hortalus, I send
haec expressa tibi carmina Battiadae,
to you these verses of Battiades translated,
ne tua dicta uagis nequiquam credita uentis 17 lest haply you should think that your words have slipped from my mind,
effluxisse meo forte putes animo,
vainly committed to wandering winds:
ut missum sponsi furtiuo munere malum 19 as an apple sent as a secret gift from her betrothed lover
procurrit casto uirginis e gremio,
falls out from the chaste bosom of the girl,
quod miserae oblitae molli sub ueste locatum, 21 which -- poor child, she forgot it! -- put away in her soft gown,
dum aduentu matris prosilit, excutitur,
is shaken out as she starts forward when her mother comes;
atque illud prono praeceps agitur decursu, 23 then, see, onward, downward swiftly it rolls and runs;
huic manat tristi conscius ore rubor.
a conscious blush creeps over her downcast face.