Catullus Poem 61, Lines 162-231
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transfer omine cum bono 162 Bear over the threshold with a good
limen aureolos pedes, 163 omen your golden feet,
rasilemque subi forem. 164 and enter within the polished door.
io Hymen Hymenaee io,
Io Hymen Hymenaeus io,
io Hymen Hymenaee. 166 io Hymen Hymenaeus!
aspice intus ut accubans 167 See how your husband within,
uir tuus Tyrio in toro 168 reclining on a purple couch,
totus immineat tibi. 169 is all eagerness for you.
io Hymen Hymenaee io, 170 Io Hymen Hymenaeus io,
io Hymen Hymenaee.
io Hymen Hymenaeus!
illi non minus ac tibi 172 In his inmost heart
pectore uritur intimo 173 no less than in yours glows
flamma, sed penite magis. 174 the flame, but deeper within.
io Hymen Hymenaee io, 175 Io Hymen Hymenaeus io,
io Hymen Hymenaee.
io Hymen Hymenaeus!
mitte brachiolum teres, 177 Let go, young boy,
praetextate, puellulae: 178 the smooth arm of the damsel,
iam cubile adeat uiri. 179 let her now come to her husband's bed.
io Hymen Hymenaee io, 180 Io Hymen Hymenaeus io,
io Hymen Hymenaee.
io Hymen Hymenaeus!
uos bonae senibus uiris 182 Ye, honest matrons, well wedded
cognitae bene feminae, 183 to ancient husbands,
collocate puellulam. 184 set the damsel in her place.
io Hymen Hymenaee io, 185 Io Hymen Hymenaeus io,
io Hymen Hymenaee.
io Hymen Hymenaeus!
iam licet uenias, marite: 187 Now you may come, bridegroom;
uxor in thalamo tibi est, 188 your wife, is in the bride-chamber,
ore floridulo nitens, 189 shining with flowery face,
alba parthenice uelut 190 like a white daisy
luteumue papauer.
or yellow poppy.
at, marite, ita me iuuent 192 But, husband, so the gods help me,
caelites, nihilo minus 193 you are no less fair,
pulcer es, neque te Venus 194 nor does Venus
neglegit. sed abit dies: 195 neglect you. But the day is passing.
perge, ne remorare.
Go on then, delay not.
non diu remoratus es: 197 Not long have you delayed.
iam uenis. bona te Venus 198 Already you come. May kindly Venus
iuuerit, quoniam palam 199 help you, since openly
quod cupis cupis, et bonum 200 you take your desire and
non abscondis amorem.
do not hide your honest love.
ille pulueris Africi 202 Let him first count up the number
siderumque micantium 203 of the dust of Africa
subducat numerum prius, 204 and of the glittering stars,
qui uestri numerare uolt 205 who would number
multa milia ludi.
the many thousands of your joys.
ludite ut lubet, et breui 207 Sport as ye will, and soon
liberos date. non decet 208 bring children forth. It is not fit ldren
tam uetus sine liberis 209 that so old a name should be without chi
nomen esse, sed indidem 210 but that they should be ,
semper ingenerari.
ever born from the same stock.
Torquatus uolo paruulus 212 I would see a little Torquatus,
matris e gremio suae 213 stretching his baby hands
porrigens teneras manus 214 from his mother's lap,
dulce rideat ad patrem 215 smile a sweet smile at his father
semihiante labello.
with lips half parted.
sit suo similis patri 217 May he be like his father
Manlio et facile insciis 218 Manlius, and easily be recognised by all,
noscitetur ab omnibus, 219 even those who do not know,
et pudicitiam suae 220 and declare by his face
matris indicet ore.
the fair fame of his mother.
talis illius a bona 222 May such praise, due to his
matre laus genus approbet, 223 chaste mother, approve his descent,
qualis unica ab optima 224 as for Telemachus son of Penelope
matre Telemacho manet 225 remains unparagoned the honour
fama Penelopeo.
derived from his noble mother.
claudite ostia, uirgines: 227 Maidens, shut the doors.
lusimus satis. at boni 228 We have sported enough. But ye,
coniuges, bene uiuite et 229 happy pair, live happily,
munere assiduo ualentem 230 and in your office exercise joyously
exercete iuuentam.
your vigorous youth.