Catullus Poem 61, Lines 1-75
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COLLIS o Heliconii 1 O haunter of the Heliconian mount,
cultor, Vraniae genus, 2 Urania's son,
qui rapis teneram ad uirum 3 thou who bearest away the tender maid
uirginem, o Hymenaee Hymen, 4 to her bridegroom, O Hymenaeus Hymen,
o Hymen Hymenaee;
O Hymen Hymenaeus!
cinge tempora floribus 6 Bind thy brows with the flowers
suaue olentis amaraci, 7 of fragrant marjoram,
flammeum cape laetus, huc 8 put on the marriage veil, hither,
huc ueni, niueo gerens 9 hither merrily come, wearing on thy snow-white
luteum pede soccum;
foot the yellow shoe,
excitusque hilari die, 11 and wakened on this joyful day,
nuptialia concinens 12 singing with resonant voice
uoce carmina tinnula, 13 the nuptial songs,
pelle humum pedibus, manu 14 beat the ground with thy feet,
pineam quate taedam.
shake with thy hand the pine torch.
namque Iunia Manlio, 16 For now shall Vinia wed with Manlius,
qualis Idalium colens 17 Vinia as fair as Venus
uenit ad Phrygium Venus 18 who dwells in Idalium, when she came
iudicem, bona cum bona 19 to the Phrygian judge;
nubet alite uirgo,
a good maiden with a good omen
floridis uelut enitens 21 like the Asian myrtle
myrtus Asia ramulis 22 shining with flowering sprays,
quos Hamadryades deae 23 which the Hamadryad goddesses
ludicrum sibi roscido 24 with dewy moisture nourish
nutriunt umore.
as a plaything for themselves.
quare age, huc aditum ferens, 26 Hither then, come hither, haste
perge linquere Thespiae 27 to leave the Aonian caves
rupis Aonios specus, 28 of the Thespian rock,
nympha quos super irrigat 29 which the nymph Aganippe besprinkles
frigerans Aganippe.
with cooling shower from above;
ac domum dominam uoca 31 call to her home the lady of the house,
coniugis cupidam noui, 32 full of desire for her bridegroom;
mentem amore reuinciens, 33 bind her heart with love,
ut tenax hedera huc et huc 34 as here and there the clinging ivy
arborem implicat errans.
straying clasps the tree.
uosque item simul, integrae 36 Ye too with me, unwedded
uirgines, quibus aduenit 37 virgins, for whom a like day
par dies, agite in modum 38 is coming, come, in measure
dicite, o Hymenaee Hymen, 39 say, "O Hymenaeus Hymen,
o Hymen Hymenaee.
O Hymen Hymenaeus!"
ut libentius, audiens 41 that hearing himself summoned
se citarier ad suum 42 to his own office, the god may come
munus, huc aditum ferat 43 more readily hither,
dux bonae Veneris, boni 44 the herald of genial Venus,
coniugator amoris.
the coupler of honest love.
quis deus magis est ama- 46 What god is more worthy to be invoked
tis petendus amantibus? 47 by lovers who are loved?
quem colent homines magis 48 whom of the heavenly ones shall men worship
caelitum, o Hymenaee Hymen, 49 more than thee? O Hymenaeus Hymen,
o Hymen Hymenaee?
O Hymen Hymenaeus!
te suis tremulus parens 51 Thee for his children the aged father
inuocat, tibi uirgines 52 invokes, for thee the maidens loose
zonula soluunt sinus, 53 their garments from the girdle:
te timens cupida nouos 54 for thee the bridegroom listens fearfully
captat aure maritus.
with eager ear.
tu fero iuueni in manus 56 Thou thyself givest into the hands
floridam ipse puellulam 57 of the fiery youth the blooming maiden
dedis a gremio suae 58 from her mother's bosom,
matris, o Hymenaee Hymen, 59 O Hymenaeus Hymen,
o Hymen Hymenaee.
O Hymen Hymenaeus!
nil potest sine te Venus, 61 No pleasure can Venus take
fama quod bona comprobet, 62 without thee, such as honest fame
commodi capere, at potest 63 may approve, but can
te uolente. quis huic deo 64 if thou art willing. What god
compararier ausit?
dare match himself with this god?
nulla quit sine te domus 66 No house without thee can
liberos dare, nec parens 67 give children, no parent rest
stirpe nitier; ac potest 68 on his offspring ; but all is well
te uolente. quis huic deo 69 if thou art willing. What god
compararier ausit?
dare match himself with this god?
quae tuis careat sacris, 71 A land that should want thy sanctities
non queat dare praesides 72 would not be able to produce
terra finibus: at queat 73 guardians for its borders--but could
te uolente. quis huic deo 74 if thou art willing. What god
compararier ausit?
dare match himself with this god?