Catullus Poem 58 B
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NON custos si fingar ille Cretum, 1 Not though I should be moulded in brass like the fabled warder of Crete,
non Ladas ego pinnipesue Perseus, 2 not though I were to soar aloft like flying Pegasus,
non si Pegaseo ferar uolatu, 3 not if I were Ladas or wing-footed Persues,
non Rhesi niueae citaeque bigae; 4 not if I were the swift snow-white pair of Rhesus:
adde huc plumipedas uolatilesque, 5 add to these the feather-footed gods and the winged,
uentorumque simul require cursum, 6 and with them call for the swiftness of the winds;--
quos iunctos, Cameri, mihi dicares: 7 though you should harness all these, Camerius, and press them into my service,
defessus tamen omnibus medullis 8 yet I should be tired out to my very marrow,
et multis languoribus peresus 9 and worn away with frequent faintness,
essem te mihi, amice, quaeritando. 10 my friend, while searching for you.