Catullus Poem 57
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PVLCRE conuenit improbis cinaedis, 1 Well agreed are the abominable sodomites,
Mamurrae pathicoque Caesarique. 2 the fellators, Mamurra and Caesar;
nec mirum: maculae pares utrisque, 3 no wonder either. Like stains,
urbana altera et illa Formiana, 4 one from the city and one from Formiae,
impressae resident nec eluentur: 5 are deeply impressed on each, and will never be washed out.
morbosi pariter, gemelli utrique, 6 Diseased alike, very twins,
uno in lecticulo erudituli ambo, 7 both on one sofa, dilettante writers both,
non hic quam ille magis uorax adulter, 8 one as greedy in adultery as the other,
riuales socii puellularum. 9 the rivals who share young girls.
pulcre conuenit improbis cinaedis. 10 Well agreed are the abominable sodomites.