Catullus Poem 56
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O REM ridiculam, Cato, et iocosam, 1 O, Cato, what an absurdly funny thing,
dignamque auribus et tuo cachinno! 2 worthy for you to hear and laugh at!
ride quidquid amas, Cato, Catullum: 3 Laugh, as much as you love Catullus, Cato.
res est ridicula et nimis iocosa. 4 The thing is too absurd and funny.
deprendi modo pupulum puellae 5 I just found a young boy havnig sex with a girl:
trusantem; hunc ego, si placet Dionae, 6 May it please Diona, I attacked him
pro telo rigida mea cecidi. 7 with my rigid thing, using it as a spear.