Catullus Poem 54
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OTHONIS caput oppido est pusillum, 1 Otho's head (very small it is)
et eri rustice semilauta crura, 2 and your half-washed legs, rustic Erius,
subtile et leue peditum Libonis, 3 the subtle and smooth farting of Libo,
si non omnia, displicere uellem 4 these points at least, if not all about them, I should wish to be disliked
tibi et Sufficio seni recocto... 5 by you and Fuficius, that old fellow renewed to youth again.
irascere iterum meis iambis 6 You will again be angered by my iambics,
inmerentibus, unice imperator. 7 my innocent iambics, you one and only general.