Catullus Poem 50
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HESTERNO, Licini, die otiosi 1 Yesterday, Licinius, we made holiday
multum lusimus in meis tabellis, 2 and played many a game with my tablets,
ut conuenerat esse delicatos: 3 as we had agreed to take our pleasure.
scribens uersiculos uterque nostrum 4 Each of us pleased his fancy in writing verses,
ludebat numero modo hoc modo illoc, 5 now in one metre, now in another,
reddens mutua per iocum atque uinum. 6 answering each other, as we laughed and drank our wine.
atque illinc abii tuo lepore 7 I came away from this so fired
incensus, Licini, facetiisque, 8 by your wit and fun, Licinius,
ut nec me miserum cibus iuuaret 9 that food did not ease my pain,
nec somnus tegeret quiete ocellos, 10 nor sleep spread rest over my eyes,
sed toto indomitus furore lecto 11 but restless and fevered I tossed about all over my bed,
uersarer, cupiens uidere lucem, 12 longing to see the dawn,
ut tecum loquerer, simulque ut essem. 13 that I might talk to you and be with you.
at defessa labore membra postquam 14 But when my limbs were worn out with fatigue
semimortua lectulo iacebant, 15 and lay half dead on my couch,
hoc, iucunde, tibi poema feci, 16 I made this poem for you, my sweet friend,
ex quo perspiceres meum dolorem. 17 that from it you might learn my suffering.
nunc audax caue sis, precesque nostras, 18 Now be not too proud, and do not, I pray you,
oramus, caue despuas, ocelle, 19 apple of my eye, do not reject my prayers,
ne poenas Nemesis reposcat a te. 20 lest Nemesis demand penalties from you in turn.

est uehemens dea: laedere hanc caueto.


She is an imperious goddess–beware of offending her.