Catullus Poem 47
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PORCI et Socration, duae sinistrae 1 Porcius and Socration, Piso's two left hands,
Pisonis, scabies famesque mundi, 2 you plague and mere famine,
uos Veraniolo meo et Fabullo 3 has that phallic Priapus preferred you
uerpus praeposuit Priapus ille? 4 to my dear Veranius and Fabullus?
uos conuiuia lauta sumptuose 5 Are you spending money and holding splendid rich banquets
de die facitis, mei sodales 6 at vast expense in broad daylight, whilst my old friends
quaerunt in triuio uocationes? 7 must walk about the streets to hunt for an invitation ?