Catullus Poem 46
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IAM uer egelidos refert tepores, 1 Now spring brings back balmy warmth,
iam caeli furor aequinoctialis 2 now the sweet gales of Zephyr are hushing
iucundis Zephyri silescit aureis. 3 the rage of the equinoctal sky.
linquantur Phrygii, Catulle, campi 4 Deserted be fhe Phrygian plains, Catullus,
Nicaeaeque ager uber aestuosae: 5 and the rich land of burning Nicaea:
ad claras Asiae uolemus urbes. 6 away let us fly to the renowned cities of Asia.
iam mens praetrepidans auet uagari, 7 Now my sould flutters in antIcipation and yearns to stray;
iam laeti studio pedes uigescunt. 8 now my eager feet rejoice and grow strong.
o dulces comitum ualete coetus, 9 Farewell, dear bands of fellow travellers,
longe quos simul a domo profectos 10 who started together from your far-away home,

diuersae uarie uiae reportant.


and whom divided ways through changing scenes are bringing back again.