Catullus Poem 43
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SALVE, nec minimo puella naso 1 I greet you, lady, you who neither have a tiny nose,
nec bello pede nec nigris ocellis 2 nor a pretty foot, nor black eyes,
nec longis digitis nec ore sicco 3 nor long fingers, nor dry mouth,
nec sane nimis elegante lingua, 4 nor indeed a very refined tongue,
decoctoris amica Formiani. 5 you mistress of the bankrupt of Formiae.
ten prouincia narrat esse bellam? 6 Is it you who are pretty, as the Province tells us?
tecum Lesbia nostra comparatur? 7 is it with you our Lesbia is compared?
o saeclum insapiens et infacetum! 8 O, this age! how tasteless and ill-bred it is!