Catullus Poem 42
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ADESTE, hendecasyllabi, quot estis 1 Hither from all sides, hendecasyllables, as many as
omnes undique, quotquot estis omnes. 2 there are of you, all of you as many as there are.
iocum me putat esse moecha turpis, 3 An ugly drab thinks she may make fun of me,
et negat mihi nostra reddituram 4 and says she will not give me back your tablets,
pugillaria, si pati potestis. 5 if you can submit to that.
persequamur eam et reflagitemus. 6 Let us follow her, and demand them back again.
quae sit, quaeritis? illa, quam uidetis 7 You ask who she is? That one whom you see
turpe incedere, mimice ac moleste 8 strutting with an ugly gait, grinning like a vulgar mountebank
ridentem catuli ore Gallicani. 9 with the gape of a Cisalpine hound.
circumsistite eam, et reflagitate, 10 Stand round her and call for them back
'moecha putida, redde codicillos, 11 "Dirty drab, give back the tablets,
redde putida moecha, codicillos!' 12 give back the tablets, dirty drab!"
non assis facis? o lutum, lupanar, 13 Don't you care a penny for that? O filth! O beastliness!
aut si perditius potes quid esse. 14 or anything else that I can call you worse still!
sed non est tamen hoc satis putandum. 15 But we must not think this enough.
quod si non aliud potest ruborem 16 Well, if nothing else can do it, let us force
ferreo canis exprimamus ore. 17 a blush from the brazen face of the beast:
conclamate iterum altiore uoce. 18 call out again with louder voice,
'moecha putide, redde codicillos, 19 "Dirty drab, give back the tablets,
redde, putida moecha, codicillos!' 20 give back the tablets, dirty drab!"
sed nil proficimus, nihil mouetur. 21 We get noing by that: she does not mind.
mutanda est ratio modusque uobis, 22 You must change your plan and method,
siquid proficere amplius potestis: 23 if you can do better so:
'pudica et proba, redde codicillos.' 24 "Maiden modest and chaste, give back the tablets."