Catullus Poem 41
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AMEANA puella defututa 1 Ameana, that sexually exhausted jade,
tota milia me decem poposcit, 2 asked me for a round ten thousand;
ista turpiculo puella naso, 3 that girl with the ugly snub nose,
decoctoris amica Formiani. 4 the mistress of the bankrupt of Formiae.
propinqui, quibus est puella curae, 5 You her relations, who have the charge of the girl,
amicos medicosque conuocate: 6 call together friends and doctors:
non est sana puella, nec rogare 7 she is not right in her mind, and never asks

qualis sit solet aes imaginosum.


the looking-glass what she is like.