Catullus Poem 40
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QVAENAM te mala mens, miselle Rauide, 1 What infatuation, my poor Ravidus,
agit praecipitem in meos iambos? 2 drives you headlong in the way of my iambics?
quis deus tibi non bene aduocatus 3 What god invoked by you amiss
uecordem parat excitare rixam? 4 is going to stir up a senseless quarrel?
an ut peruenias in ora uulgi? 5 Is it that you wish to be talked about ?
quid uis? qualubet esse notus optas? 6 What do you want? would you be known, no matter how?
eris, quandoquidem meos amores 7 So you shall, since you have chosen to love my lady,

cum longa uoluisti amare poena.


and long shall you rue it.