Catullus Poem 39
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EGNATIVS, quod candidos habet dentes, 1 EGNATIVS, because he has white teeth,
renidet usque quaque. si ad rei uentum est  2 is everlastingly smiling. If people come to the prisoner's bench,
subsellium, cum orator excitat fletum,  3 the counsel for the defence is making every one cry,
renidet ille; si ad pii rogum fili  4 he smiles: if they are mourning at the funeral of a dear son, 
lugetur, orba cum flet unicum mater,  5 when the bereaved mother is weeping for her only boy, 
renidet ille. quidquid est, ubicumque est, 6 he smiles: whatever it is, wherever he is, 
quodcumque agit, renidet: hunc habet morbum,  7 whatever he is doing, he smiles: it is a malady he has, 
neque elegantem, ut arbitror, neque urbanum. 8 neither an elegant one as I think, nor in good taste. 
quare monendum est te mihi, bone Egnati.  9 So I must give you a bit of advice, my good Egnatius. 
si urbanus esses aut Sabinus aut Tiburs 10 If you were a Roman or a Sabine or a Tiburtine 
aut pinguis Vmber aut obesus Etruscus 11 or a pig of an Umbrian or a plump Etruscan,
aut Lanuuinus ater atque dentatus 12 or a black and tusky Lanuvian, 
aut Transpadanus, ut meos quoque attingam,  13 or a Transpadane (to touch on my own people too), 
aut quilubet, qui puriter lauit dentes,  14 or anybody else who washes his teeth with clean water, 
tamen renidere usque quaque te nollem:  15 still I should not like you to be smiling everlastingly; 
nam risu inepto res ineptior nulla est.  16 for there is nothing more silly than a silly laugh. 
nunc Celtiber es: Celtiberia in terra,  17 As it is, you are a Celtiberian; now in the Celtiberian country
quod quisque minxit, hoc sibi solet mane  18 the natives rub their teeth and red gums, 
dentem atque russam defricare gingiuam,  19 every morning with what they have urinated, 
ut quo iste uester expolitior dens est, 20 so that the cleaner your teeth are,
hoc te amplius bibisse praedicet loti. 21 the more urine you are shown to have drunk.